Error. Invalid Code. Try Entering Again.

If you purchased a can of specially marked HALO Rockstar Energy Drink, and you are experiencing and issue with your tab code entry, you can be assured that we will happily assist you with getting your entry registered to your account, and any in-game content that should be unlocked.

*Please note: when you enter your code on the website, once the last character is entered, the code will be accepted automatically. If you attempt to "Submit" it after typing it in, it will respond with "Error. This code has already been used." 

Occasionally, codes can been misread, accidentally entered incorrectly, and more rarely, computers can sometimes produce an error for an unknown reason. 

If this should happen to you, don't panic! Instead, we ask that you take a clear photo (see below example) that shows the can purchased along with the tab code clearly visible, so that we may quickly verify your purchase and provide a resolution for you.


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